Teaser for the next short film, post-apocalyptic thriller "COLOSSUS". 12 years after a catastrophic global event, one man hunts for another in the devastation. 


My award-winning science-fiction short "Time and Space". It's enjoyed a wonderful reception since I put it online. Also, the director of Naughty Dog's "Uncharted 3" is a fan. Check his twitter. 


Horror-comedy piece I wrote and directed on spec just for fun. I created all the VFX bar the demonic hand which was made by Vincent Lam. The piece has just been acquired by Eli Roth and Jason Blum's CRYPT TV where it amassed 1000,000 views in one day. 


An astronaut adrift in space remembers the wife he left back on earth. A mood piece shot using entirely practical effects with wonderful production design by Vincent Lam. Screened at Galway Film Fleadh, Life Festival 2014, Ile de Groix Film Festival 2014 and featured on Ain't It Cool News.


Teaser for a feature film I'm developing called "Blood Knight". The film will be a mix of Assault on Precinct 13, Braveheart and Dog Soldiers; combined with the most vicious and feral vampires you've ever seen.