January - Being a Wild Thing.

John Morton in ‘Where The Wild Things Go’

John Morton in ‘Where The Wild Things Go’

Adapted D. Gilson’s amazing poem ‘Where The Wild Things Go’ into a short film starring my favourite Irish actor John Morton and the INCREDIBLE Clare Monnelly. Seriously, I’ll work with Clare Monnelly until I die. Film will be out soon, very proud of it.  

February - Thoughts on Shitting or Getting off the Pot.


Above is a cool Frank Miller drawing. I love Frank Miller drawings. I thought one day, what if that guy from the above drawing was a mute, the star of his own movie where the IRA execute him and his wife, but he survives the bullet, is mortally wounded, and has maybe an hour to kill everyone that wronged him in a weird, fantasy dreamland of a film. So yeah. I’m making that this year, first feature film, Ben Wheatley ‘Down Terrace’ job. Time to go, basically. Oh, and it’s called ‘The Dead Man’.

March - Resting.

Mad personal shit this month. Took time off my own stuff and just worked on my day-job. Sad.

April - Writing and Commercials.

A lot of writing and pitching on stuff this month. Wrote a pilot script for a series based on my short “Lost and Found” which I reckon could be really cool if anyone would like to give me a series order. That’d be fab. Quite a bit of “FILMMAKING IS FUTILE” moments this month, but I’m in a transition phase so leave me alone. Booked myself back into therapy. I’ll recommend therapy until the day I die. Moved into a new house. It’s nice! Solid month. Excited to debut the new shorts “Where The Wild Things Go”, “Stephanie”, and “Something Doesn’t Feel Right”, this year. Just gotta keep grinding. Finding I don’t enjoy days off, unsure if that’s a good thing or bad thing.

May - Commercial Shooting.

Directed a new campaign for Skoda which will be out soon. Was super duper fun. Shot by film brother Philip Blake where we finally acquired film-symbiosis and didn’t really communicate verbally the entire shoot. Shorthand’s guys, I’m tellin’ ya. Prepping a sketch show now with some awesome people. I miss Irish sketch shows goddammit! Be the change you want to be and all that. If that doesn’t go, because life is pain, I’ll make something else. Read a cool interview with Peter Jackson where he said adversity fuels him and his creativity often comes from a place of anger. Word.

June - BBC

Literal insanity this month. Pitched to direct on a pilot for BBC Comedy and got it. Crazy.

July - BBC Shoot

Spent three and a half weeks in pre-production, casting and test-shooting a new comedy short for BBC 2. Got to work with an incredible cast and crew over a three-day shoot of production, then straight away into an edit to turnaround the piece in just over a month from when I came onboard.

The piece is called ‘Brain in Gear’, and was written by the awesome Gbemi Ikumelo who I’ll take a bullet for and produced by Inez Gordon who’s an angel sent from heaven. Was fucking insane working as a director for a BBC Comedy and I had to concentrate on not losing my shit every now and again. You can check out the short on the BBC iPlayer, but if you can’t see it there, hit me up on the email and I’ll send you a link.